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Don't Tell Me You CAN'T...I Know Better!


Life is about challenges, determination and courage! I faced the biggest challenge of my life, putting down cigarettes, healing an eating disorder and becoming an elite athlete, running and winning marathons and races. RUNNING BECAME THE JOY OF MY LIFE...UNTIL a careless driver plowed into me head-on while I was running! I found myself in a wheelchair faced with the challenge of ignoring doctors who said I'd never walk normally again to fearlessly starting the journey, not only back to walking, but to RUNNING again!


Runner Hit by Truck, Overcomes Her TragedyWith Passion and Perseverance

​Dawn shares her powerful comeback and return to what she loves. Her inspirational story will get more women (and men) moving towards their personal goals. Cristina Goyanes, Writer & Nicki Miller, Managing Editor, Women's Running

Dawn empowers people to reach their highest potential by venturing into any and everything they want to do - even that which seems out-of-reach, because she knows 'You Certainly Can! '


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